Ant Treatment & Removal

Ant problems are not that hard to solve. You just have to do it in time and know the types of ants you are dealing with. Most of the people do not take an ant infestation that seriously. However, it just takes a little time for ants to establish their colonies right under your property. If not treated on time they can damages a significant part of your home and give you large repair bills to take care of.

In the area around Gold Coast, when people face problems with any type of pests in their property they call us. We are the company you are looking for. With years of experience and a professionally trained staff, we provide the most effective and innovative methods to eliminate the risk of an ant infection. Not all ants are the same and one type of a treatment method cannot be used on all types. You require good knowledge of the species and the tools that use have at hand to do the job efficiently.


We not only believe the use of pesticides and sprays to get rid of the ants but also other methods that can act as a barrier to prevent the ants from entering your property. Every home owner knows that their insurance does not cover them for the damages that ants can cause and therefore it is important that they take necessary steps to prevent an infestation from happening. It is always advisable to get a pest inspection done at your property from time to time so that any such problems are removed.

We offer the treatment with a 12 month ‘Guaranteed Gone’ warranty. So if those ants come back, we will too. Call us today to see how we can help you.

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