Spider Treatments & Removal

In a place like Australia where some of the most deadly spiders reside people have to be extra careful about keeping their homes and offices safe from the threats that these pests bring with them. Not just you but your family members are also at risk of getting bitten by one of these deadly species. Children, pets and the elderly are the most venerable to such incidents and in some cases it can even turn fatal if proper medical aid is not provided in time.

In Queensland where spider species like Redback and Funnel Web are common, people usually get in touch with pest control specialists to inspect the property before they move in. We are a well known pest control company on the Gold Coast, Queensland that has successfully managed to free a number of homes from such threats.


We not only use the common treatments like pesticides and sprays to eliminate the spiders that invade your property but also suggest other ways such as physical changes to your environment and trapping. In case we have to use some kind of pesticides in your home we make sure that the mixture we create is the least toxic and is sprayed only in the places where these spiders usually live and breed. This makes sure that children as well as pets don’t accidently get harmed with it.

Super Pest Controllers is a local company and we are well aware of the type of spiders that live in the area. There are basically two categories of spiders that people usually deal with. Webbing spiders can be controlled in a number of ways such as removing their webs, cutting their food supply and by effectively spraying chemicals. Crawling spiders on the other hand cannot be tackled in a lot of ways and are generally eradicated by using pesticides.

No matter what the kind of spiders you are dealing with, our professional assistance can effective deal with it. To get advice on how you can prevent spiders from infesting your property get in touch with our team today and protect your house from this unseen danger.

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