Termite Management

Keeping termites out of your property is a hard thing to do. Sometimes, no matter what you do they always seem to find their way into the house. Nobody can really guarantee that termites won’t infest your house again even after they have finished doing whatever they could to prevent the infestation to happen again. However, there are some proven ways in which the chances of a termite infestation can be reduced to a minimum.­

Termite management can be done through two basic long term methods. One is through a chemical application and the other through a monitoring and baiting system. Our company specialises in both these methods and has an exceptional track record in Gold Coast and the surrounding suburbs. Both of the above mentioned methods can be equally effective in termite management but it is best to use both these methods in tandem.


Through the Chemical Application the entry of the termites into a house of an office can be prevented by cutting a strip of concrete so that a trench could be dug up around the structure where the chemicals would be applied. Most of the inexperienced pest controllers usually drill holes in the concrete and inject the chemical which often is ineffective. This type of a method does not even comply with the Australian Standards according to which the area that is being treated needs to be of a certain depth and width. Our experts make sure that they adhere to these regulations at all times.

The type of soil that is present in this treatment area plays a very important role in how effective the whole process would be. The soil can sometimes prevent the chemical to spread proportionally or prevent it from being bio-available which helps the chemical to be transferred on to the termites. Once a suitable soil is added it can increase the effectiveness of the chemical.

Our pest controllers also make sure that a reticulation system is installed around the structure so that the reapplication of the chemical can be done when necessary. Termites can appear out of nowhere even after the efforts have been made and that is why regular inspections are essential to reduce the chances of any damage.

Our professionals also use Monitoring and Baiting System method for termite management. This process includes placing ground stations around the perimeter, monitoring them regularly and baiting termite infestation when noticed. Through this method termites can be eliminated before they enter the house and cause any type of damage to the property.

The chemicals and the systems that we use are tested and proven to be effective against any termite infestation and we proudly let our customers know of it. Chemical products like Fipronil and Baiting systems such as Sentricon are some of the best in the market and a part of our treatment process.

With our specialists, you can be sure to get the best termite management solution for your property. Our treatments come with a Timber Replacement Guarantee because we are confident about the solutions that we provide. Call us today to solve your termite problem effectively.

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